Art Attack


The art are opportunity to express what we think,what we feel,what we love or hate, what we hope,what we wants to change,Now Once again Pragyaa is here to see your talent About the Artwork ,imaginative ideas ,Crazy thoughts in the form event ART ATTACK.

i)Painting- (include glass painting ,emboss painting ,sand painting ,canvas)
iii)Collage(all type)

This is our open theme, and we can say that no theme!, We just see your best work; we will accepting 2D paintings, mosaic, drawing, pastels, mix media etc , there will 2 rounds for each criteria ,from 1st rounds we select best work out of all students, and from 2nd rounds winners will be selected, each round will be of 1.30 hours.
NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."


i)5th std to 9th std
ii)9th to under graduation

Main Coordinator

Vedanti Deshmukh

Joint Coordinator

Chetna Mankar

Coming Soon!!!