The GenIT PPT is a paper presentation event which allows you to explore your presenting skills in front of the audience to display your ideas. This event lets you to spread awareness among the audience about your innovative ideas and convince them about its importance in their lives. So, hop in share your ideas and get others from the co-participants. Do you think you are confident enough? Then reveal it!!!

NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."


1) Internet Of Things

2) Chrome Cast

3) Augmented Reality

4) Blue Brain

5) Wine

6) Artificial Intelligence

7) Big Data

8) Privarcy Preserving in Data Mining

9) Ethical Hacking

10) Holograms


1. Maximum two participants should be in each team.
2. All teams must prepare a Power Point presentation and a one-page executive abstract to be submitted on
3. Participants should bring their college ID card and receipt of registration during reporting.
4. Presentation should be on provided topics.
5. Presentation must be finished within 10 minutes with Q & A.
6. Next round will be a surprise round.
7. Presentation has to be in proper format.
8. Participants have to register their group name before Presentation.
9. Please bring your PowerPoint Presentation in a Pen-drive or CD.
10. Replacement of members will not be allowed on the spot.
11. Report of the topic with Hardcopy should be submitted before your presentation.
12. Importance will be given to time.
13. Use of any communication and electronic device is not permitted, it may lead to disqualification.
14. Any violation of above rules will result in immediate disqualification of team. Decision will be final and completely based on organizers.

Main Coordinator

Nikita Kalyane

Joint Coordinator

Mandar Vaidya

Coming Soon!!!