Innovative Product Development


Here you will get opportunity to present your innovative ideas in front of expertise and investors. You will get a chance to develop your idea into product and further journey of your product in the market. It is the application of better solutions that meet new requirement or existing market needs. So youngsters here you have a platform to think out of the box, for betterment of society.

Here you have to make a product which provide human comfort or solutions to socio-tech industrial problems.

NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."    


1. Manufacturing cost of product should not exceeds ₹10,000

2. At the time of evaluation, candidate has to submit authenticated bills. (vat no, tax no. etc.)

3. Number of candidates in team should not exceed 4.

4. Participants should send their abstract and reference (any other’s patent) till the date 20th Feb 2016 to "" or "" with "subject" abstract of innovative product development.

5. Participants have to bring their alpha model and ppt on the product which should include the following points:

  • Introduction
  • Problem statement (if any)
  • How idea strike to your mind
  • Manufacturing process
  • Production cost
  • Technical feasibility, usability, acceptability
  • Market value and acceptance
  • Industrial/field visit (if any)
  • Reference

Benefits to the Participants

1.Selected one will get a chance to display their potential in the form of product inPRAGYAA 2016 in front of huge amount of people and investor.
2.Winning amount will be worth Rs 10000.
3. Innovative ideas (product) will have a fair chance of receiving further development opportunities offered by funding organisation and venture capitalist.
4. Further commercialization of product with the investors.

Main Coordinator

Vishvjeet Jahirabadkar

Coming Soon!!!