Pick n Place

Transcendence word means a lot, thinking beyond limit and put your imagination to reality.Are you willing to pick your destiny and place it at its perfect destination. So here is platform for you enrich and explore your valuable talent so grab this opportunity in PRAGYAA 2016 with Pick N Place event by using your Transcendence quality.

It is a technical, altitudinal, structural and logical process where your people gain the ability, quantity and strength to make decision and learn the automation and control. According to this them you have to collaborate your technical idea and working skills to make it a grand success.

So grab this wonderful opportunity which has come to your door by means of PRAGYAA 2K16.

NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."

Robot Specification:
1. Each team is allowed to have only one robot.
2. The robot must fit into cube of dimensions 30*30*30 cm3.
3. The robot can be wired or wireless.
4. The power supply should not exceed 12v during any point of time in the match.
5. You can bring your own power supply.
6. Robot should contain only one hand.
7. The robot must not contain any mechanism which can affect the arena.

General Rules:
1. A team may consist of a maximum of 4 members.
2. Any team which is not ready at the time specified will be disqualified from the competition.
3. The machines would be checked for their safety before the run and would be discarded if found unsafe for arena, other participants.
4. Any machine which damages the arena will be disqualified.
5. Participants should not dismantle their robots before the completion of the whole competition as the machines might need to be verified by the judges at a later stage to ensure that the participants have not violated any of the rules.
6. Judge’s decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.
7.The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any, will be notified to the registered participants.
8.You should be able to explain your bot specification at the time of game play.

1.Two teams, team A and team B, will simultaneously enter into arena.

2.The arena has three zones – Zone A, Zone B , a Common Zone.

3.Both the Zone A,B contain hurdles and there is a bridge in between zone A,B and common zone.

4.The robots have to pick cube or ball and have to basket it in order to score points.

5.Basket will be at the height of 30 cm.

6.Team A will play in zone A and team B will play in zone B.

7.Robot A cannot interfere in Zone B and vice versa.

8.Team which complete the arena first will win the round and qualified for the last (second) ROUND.

9. Further instruction will be given at the time of game play.

Main Coordinator

Rohan Mhasanne

Joint Coordinator

Himanshu Rinke

Sub Coordinator

Visharad Sapate

Coming Soon!!!