Robo Soccer


Objective is to build a manually controlled bot as per given specifications and which can play soccer successfully!!!

NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."


1)The match consists of two halves. Each half will have a duration of four minutes.

2)The ball will be placed at the centre of the arena. Each bot will stand at their respective goalpost in the beginning.

3)If at the end of both halves no team shows a goal then the match will be led to extra time of two minutes. In this extra time the team scoring first goal will be declared the winner. The match will be declared before completion of extra time in case of foul in favour of opponent team.

4)The machine can transform to its size only at arena. But cannot divide in parts.

5)Each team will be given a span of 2 min at the beginning of each halve to make any changes or modifications in the bot.

6)If the bot becomes immobile during the match then each team will be given 1 min to do any necessary modification .Only two such Chance will be given and in occurrence of further cases the opponent team will be credited advantage of 2 points.

7)With each goal a team would gain five points.

8)Dead load cannot be added during the match and bricks ,tiles etc are not allowed as dead load during or before the match.

9)Bot cannot hide the ball in case if the ball is hiding, match will be paused and ball is brought in view 10)Any kind of kicking mechanism to ball in the structure of bot is allowed.

11) Wired applicants are not required to bring their own power supply(but they can if they wish). Only wireless bots are required to use their independent power source.

12) In case of wireless remote participants are requested to use dual channel remotes or two remotes of different frequencies so that there is no issue interfacing during event.

13)Bots shouldn’t destroy the opponent Bots. Otherwise will lead to disqualification.

14) Bonus points will be added to the final score for making distance goal.

15) both the teams have to submit their bots before match.

16) In case of any discrepancy, organizers’ decision is final. Arguing with organizer will lead to immediate disqualification.

Bot Secifications

1) Bot can be wireless or wired. (Wireless should have a minimum range of 10 feet) Wire length must be greater than 9 feet.

2) Bot maximum dimensions should be 30cm X 30cm X 30cm at any point of the game.

3) Maximum of 15v will be allowed on the bot, no external supply will be allowed.

4) Bot on the arena should be within 5kg.

6) 5% tolerance will be allowed in any one dimension.

Arena Information

Arena Dimensions: 8 X 4 feet

Ball Diameter: 7cm

Scoring Information

With each goal scorer team will be credited by +5 points.

With each foul culprit team will be credited by -2 points.

Foul conditions

1)If the bot is holding (bot being stationery) the ball for more than 5 sec.

2)If bot is damaging the arena.

3)If bot attacks the opponent bot from back side

Main Coordinator

Rajesh Waghmare

+91 9730522703

Joint Coordinator


+91 7028143174