"If speed is your addiction & everything is under control then you are going too slowly." This is the segment of the pragyaa that is synonymous with anger, speed and ambition to win. If the sound of the engine is your daily music, and robotics your religion, we invite you to show your extent of passion. Let these mind blowing machines hit the track and fight out in the most diverse conditions, manoeuvring their way through several obstacles while the clock ticks away. Remember that between the winner and the loser. It's just a matter of a Split Second!
A team may consist of a maximum of 5 participants. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.

1. Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to the all teams. And certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams.
2. Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.

NOTE:"Organizing committee has full rights and authority to take any decision while conducting the proceedings of the event and their decision must be considered as the final decision by every participant."


This event consists of two rounds as stated :
1)Each team will run its manually controlled bot on arena.
2)This round is basically qualification round to enter final round.
3)In this round your bot will be tested structurally,mechanically ,technically and your skills of controlling bot will be challenged upto its peak.
4)Your bot have to go through various modules(difficulties) as quickly as possible and cross finishing line.
5)There will be penalties and bonus in the competiton as well.

1)Final round will have same gameplay as qualification rounds.
2)Only those teams who qualified 1st round are eligible to participate in final round.
3)New modules will be added for final round in the arena ,which will be disclosed on that day.


1)A bot causing any type on damage to the arena will be disqualified.
2)Pulling wires to handle the bot would result in disqualification.
3)The organisers have the right to Disqualify any participant indulging in malpractices.
4)The decision of the Event Organizers is final and cannot be debated on.
5)Same bot cannot be used by more than one team.


1)MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS are length 30cm, width 30cm and height 30cm (10 % tolerance is allowed).
2)The bot can be made manual or automatic.
3)The manual bot can be controlled wired or wirelessly.
4)Teams can use on-board power supply or external power supply.
5)The use of standard chassis, readymade Lego kit is not allowed.
6)The maximum voltage to be used is 24V.s
7)Minimum length of the connecting wires should be 2 metres.


1)There will be 2 rounds in the event & all the rules are common for each round.
2) The robot has to be developed & designed by team itself. The usage of readily available chassis will not be allowed in competition.
3) Maximum 5 members per team are allowed.
4) Maximum two members of the team can enter the arena to control the robot wirelessly or wired.
5) The robot will lose a life if the robot
a) gets stuck in the arena. b) fall down the arena.
6) Maximum of 5 retries would be allowed.
7) A retry can only be made from the last checkpoint.
8) Robots must not damage the tournament area.
9) Modifications are not allowed in between the race rounds.


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Main Coordinator


Joint Coordinator


Sub Coordinator

Bhojesh Thool